A Note From The Farmer

Dear reader, 

I come from a long line of non-farmers. To the extent, that is, that it is possible to come from such a line, since, as I hasten to remind anyone who will listen, essentially all of our ancestors were farmers of one sort or another. My meaning is to say that the agricultural nature of my profession is not due to familial tradition, but rather to a passion for our land, our animals, and the health of our customers. 

I did not decide to become a farmer when, in college, I learned that what we eat matters more to the environment than what fossil fuels we burn to drive or light your home. I decided to farm when I learned, and saw in practice, just how much healing good land management can incur. By patronizing us, you participate directly in this land healing. And did I mention it's the best food you've ever tasted? What we do as individuals matters to the world, and what we eat matters perhaps most of all. With this in mind, come and see what we do, and make a choice to make your impact positive. 

Yours in regeneration,

Malcolm Salovaara, Farm Manager

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